5 Advantages To Hiring A Social Media Coach

Social Media

Social Media

If you are thinking about hiring a social media coach, then chances are you an entrepreneur or small business owner. You know that you need to create an online presence for yourself if you want to build your brand, your customer base and your revenue and profits. There are 5 advantages to hiring a social media coach to help you out. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1) Isolating niches: While everything and everyone might be online seemingly all at once, there are still corners and communities where people of similar backgrounds and interests gather together. Since your business has a specific product or service to offer, you probably don’t want to waste time marketing to everyone. Rather, let your coach show you how to identify, isolate and target the niches online that are specifically your best bets for making money.

2) Identify the right social media platforms: While some businesses rush out to create a broad presence across multiple social media platforms, this might not be needed. If you are targeting a younger crowd, Facebook might not be the right way to go, but if you’re focusing on Baby Boomers, Facebook might prove more useful than Twitter or even Instagram. Let your social media coach help you identify one or two specific social media venues your niche uses the most and focus on content and communication there. You can usually automate your content to be shared on the other platforms.

3) Content is king: You can’t just flood a corner of the Internet with ads, coupons and fliers. Everyone online sees ads and spam all the time, even blocking a lot of that. Your coach can show you the value in creating content that is useful to your niche. Make them laugh at, learn from and love what you post. Earn their trust and loyalty, and the sales will follow.

4) Creating viral content: Having content go viral doesn’t necessarily mean that you post something that turns into an overnight sensation that ten million people see. In fact, you really just need something that expands your social media following. If you only have twenty followers, your coach can help you create content that a few of them share with their circles, hopefully drawing in twenty more followers. Anytime you can double your Likes, you’ve had a good day, regardless of your total at the time.

5) Scheduling content: Fresh and unique content is needed often online, so your social media accounts need to have something posted to them regularly lest they be forgotten. Your coach can show you how to use automated tools to schedule the days and times that your content gets posted.

Now that you know the 5 advantages of hiring a social media coach, it’s likely you’ll be interviewing a few in the near future to help you out. Learn all you can from them and get your social media campaign started up. Delegate what you can to subordinates if you have any, but always keep your coach nearby to keep up with the ever changing Internet.