How to hire Commercial Cleaning Services for your Office

Individuals tend to concentrate first on reputation and price when they are looking for a cleaning service. But, there are a lot of other factors to think about when hiring commercial cleaning services.

Here are several tips that you could follow when hiring professionals to clean your office:

1.) Confirm They Send the Exact Cleaners


You do not want to hire a cleaning service that offers the cheapest price by employing individuals without background checks. Confirm that the crew members they send are part of the same licensed company that you chose.

2.) Examine Insurance


Cleaning professionals are required to have insurance. You should know that. They must have their own insurance. If one of the workers accidentally slips and is injured on your property, their own insurance would cover the liability costs and medical costs. Also, the workers must have liability insurance so that you’re compensated if they damage something on your property while cleaning.

A cleaning service company that does not have any insurance is a pure red flag. This is because they might have a history of destroying the equipment of their customers, no matter how good they are at cleaning the chaos afterward. Do not hire a company without any insurance, even if they cost a lot less.

For a cleaning service, insurance is the minimum standard. This isn’t the final standard you must utilize. Know if that company takes seriously your security as you do. Most reputable companies such as MJS Canada Cleaning Services offer adequate insurance coverage to give their clients peace of mind before the job begins.

3.) Ensure that the Workers are Familiar with Each Kind of Surface


Almost all commercial cleaning services would show themselves as professionals. However, not all of them might be acquainted with each type of finish. If you do not want the company to ruin your high-end finishes, you have to ensure that the company you will hire has the experience working with them.

Not every cleaning company is acquainted with surfaces such as polished stone, specialty wall textures, or natural timber, for example. You do not only have to ensure that the cleaners you employ are trained to clean and familiar to these surfaces, you must also ask what cleaning solutions they would utilize.

Your finishes need unique attention and utilizing harmful products could damage its appearance. The easy and fast way to see if the company knows what they are doing is to ask what process they would utilize to treat your finishes.

4.) Examine the Reputation

Do not depend on the testimonial posted on the website of the company as the basis of the company’s reputation. Read online reviews. However, some of these could be a scam. It could be that one of the employees of the company gave a 5-star rating. If you find a company with a series of 5-star rating without any reviews, it could be a potential red flag. This means that the company has paid several individuals to provide a 5-star review to their website.