The Most Incredible Italian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale

Italian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale

Italian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale

When people think about Fort Lauderdale, they don’t always think about great Italian food. Even though there are a lot of very nice restaurants in the area, Italian isn’t something that the average person connects with Florida.

However, there are all kinds of Italian restaurants Fort Lauderdale. If you take a closer look at the local eateries, then you will find plenty of places to enjoy a tasty meal.

Here are a few Italian restaurants that you might want to try:

Casa D’Angelo Ristorante

If you want to go somewhere that feels a little bit swanky, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you could try dining at this restaurant. It’s in a strip mall, but it still offers high-class food.

Il Mulino

This restaurant has received a lot of positive feedback from people that enjoy eating homemade pasta. They have a few other food options as well.

Cafe Vico Restaurant

If the weather outside isn’t too humid, then you might want to stop by this restaurant. They have a lot of outdoor seating and are a good spot for some of Florida’s more pleasant days.

Nick’s Italian Restaurant

This is a classic Italian restaurant with fairly reasonable prices. It offers most of the things that people associate with Italian, from wine to pasta to pizza.


If you want to eat a lot of pasta, you can do so at this restaurant. They also offer side dishes, like salads and potato dishes.

Cibo Wine Bar

For years, people have been calling Cibo Wine Bar the premiere Italian restaurant in the Fort Lauderdale area, and those people aren’t wrong. Cibo has a truly incredible menu, packed full of dishes that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy anywhere else. Even real Italian chefs have said that their food is great.

In addition to incredible food, this restaurant has some great ambiance. While it is fairly casual, it has a very elegant feel. It is a great place to take a date or someone else that you want to impress.

But while people like Cibo’s menu and vibe, they love their wine list. This restaurant has a wine list that no other restaurant could compete with. In addition, their waitstaff is very well-trained when it comes to wine. Anyone on their staff should be able to recommend a great drink.

If you want to treat yourself to something special, or if you’re simply interested in a glass of wine and a bite to eat, then you should definitely make a point of stopping by Cibo.

There are a lot of great Italian restaurants Fort Lauderdale. However, even though there are plenty of options in the area, most locals seem to recommend Cibo above anything else.

If you’re craving pasta or need a glass of wine, then call and see if you can get a table at Cibo. Your cravings will be satisfied, and you will be able to have a fantastic night out on the town.