Laser Measurement Sensor Line fro Durham Instruments

Measuring distances and detecting objects can be easy when you have the right tools on hand. Laser sensors are the best tools to use for these purposes because they are so highly focused and precise. Different products from different manufacturers, of course, have various features and capabilities. It can be hard to choose a product that will last and measure things exactly.

A laser measurement sensor product that offers highly focused laser light to detect and measure objects is available from Durham Instruments. In fact, the company offers an entire line of laser measuring devices. The AR200 group is one of the compact sensors made to cover all metric measurement ranges. There are four of them that measure ranges from six to 50 mm.

They are standard models that have limit switch outputs, serial outputs, and analog as well. It is the only product of its kind that gives you pushbutton control over these signals. You can also program yours to use PC commands.

They will measure in all kinds of light and remain accurate no matter what the object is made of or how bright it is or what color it is. You can choose to buy a product that offers background suppression or retroflective styles to sense objects. CMOS transit time technology also offers you greater distance measuring with greater accuracy.

The series is ideal for many industries including the medical industry. Use them in many different applications such as postal automation, car brakes, laser calipers and wafer fabrication. If you want specialized help to find the correct measurements for the product best for you just ask.

You can fill out an online request form or call Durham Instruments. When you phone the Action line, let them know what your requirements are. They will help you figure out which laser measurement sensor is right for your application. This makes it easy to get a precision instrument that will work to improve your efficiency and all of your projects.

When you call Durham for any one of their products, you can be sure that they are going to become your best source for your measuring needs. They have over 30 years of instrumentation experience and innovation. What is more, they offer customized solutions for clients like you who do not always readily know which product will be best for a particular job or task.

You need precision when it comes to the tasks and applications that you have every day in your industry. You can count on the tools and products offered by Durham to last and to offer you the most detailed and accurate measurement information possible.

Browse the entire line of available tools online. Each product comes with a full PDF brochure that you can download to get details about their line of laser sensors.

Or, you may contact them for more information about customized products that will help you get your work done with precision every day. The work you do is often improved when you work with the latest tools with the greatest precision.