Pursuing The Right Winter Dog Coats

Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch

Plenty of people dress up their dogs, though most have practical reasons for doing so. In anticipation of the chilling winter weather, dog owners prepare by seeking the right winter dog coats. Let’s explore what makes the right dog coats.

The Right Fit
Many dog owners shop without the luxury of having their dogs with them. That means that they have to determine the sizing without having their dog try on coats in the store. Many others make their purchases from home.

While free returns or easy returns are a great attribute when shopping online, it is not practical to just return everything. Get the sizing right by following the manufacturer’s sizing charts, and by accurately measuring your dog.

If they are a puppy find out how quickly the veterinarian expects them to grow. You may have to skip sizes and buy multiple coats in one season. This brings us to the next right — the right timing.

The Right Timing
While it is great to get a clearance deal at the end of the season, there are many times that can backfire. For one, if your puppy cannot wear the coat because they grew too much, then it is money that has been wasted. In particular, many clearance racks stipulate less favorable or no returns allowed. Add into this that you may be required to pay shipping and it is no longer a good deal.

The Right Material
Winter dog coats are made of many materials, just like our human coats can be nylon, polyester, down, wool, and so on. Part of the difficulty comes in anticipating your local weather. If it is overly wet, then traditional wool is going to be impractical. Yet, Merino wool will work better, for instance. Better yet, a lightweight polyester will suffice while not breaking the bank.

Water-proof coats are useful too. Many dogs are averse to dealing with chilling temperatures and a wet dog coat at the same time. Know how long you anticipate your excursions with your dog. Will it be a day spent out hiking, or just for their twice-daily 30-minute walks? There’s a big difference in performance required from the twice-daily walks versusĀ  a weeklong camping excursion with dogs.

The Right Amount Of Warmth
Pay attention to the stuffing that the dog coat has. It will determine whether your dog will be warm or just look warm. These days there are many lightweight fabrics that provide performance, while being very lightweight and pack lightly. Camping stores have an excellent selection for the serious dog owner who takes their dogs out on excursions in wet weather during colder winter months.

The Right Features And Benefits
Be sure to look at how the coat will interface with your dog’s existing harness and leash. You know what irritates your dog and what they can tolerate. You may have an idea of the types of materials that they rip through and what they can wear for years on end.

Waterproof and all-weather are the keys to finding the right winter coat for your dog. Look at the durability, performance, and at what will work for your activity level. Stores such as Canada Pooch offer a wide variety of style for suits your dog’s needs.